Energetic house clearing


As the qualified Reiki practitioner, I am able to clear the negative energy room by room inside and outside your home or office, removing the creepy chi and replacing the negative energy with positive spiritual energy filled with blessings in your home and a private safe space to create new lasting memories. 

Spiritual energy comes from higher vibrational frequencies or guides and angels that watch over us all the time. Reiki practitioners connect with this good positive spiritual energy and bring it into the home during a spiritual house cleansing. 

When you ignore the negative energy it allows more negative energy to build up and this  can impact all other areas of your life. 

Techniques to clear bad energy
Through Reiki I move positive healing energy through me into the space using Reiki tools, Reiki symbols and other energy healing techniques to get rid of the bad energy and replace it with positive energy bringing about balance in your house. By removing the unfavourable energy , the feelings of being unsettled in your home is removed. 

When do you need an energetic house clearing?

An energetic house clearing is needed if you have bad energy in your house and there is no real reason you can relate to explain the uneasy feeling you experience.

Energetic house clearings are also effective when buying and selling a house. Moving into a new home is daunting and stressful not only on the move itself but also daunting as you are unaware of what unresolved issues or tension that has taken place in the space you are about to call your sanctuary.

How to fix a Possessed house or office

You may need an energetic house clearing  if you feel your house or office is Possessed. This can happen if someone died or was ill in the home and their energy is trapped. The energy can’t move onto the next life, the soul is waiting and can’t pass, or bad people or events occurred that you are not aware of  in the home i.e.: murderer, nasty people, thieves and liars.

When you experience a  spate of bad luck and find that life has just been a constant struggle, it’s possible that you have some negative energies hanging around in your home, as homes and spaces often absorb and reflect the energy of the previous occupants making the space just not feel right. This is a result of the lingering negative energy.

Energetic house and office clearing costs

Energetic house clearing are R1500 for upto 400Sq M under cover per clearing. Office clearings start from R2500 depending on the size. Energetic house and office clearings are offered  in Sandton and surrounding areas. Energetic house clearing are done during the week in the mornings. Book an Energetic house and office clearing by completing the form

Clear bad energy from your possessed house

You don’t need to remain uncomfortable in your house. You can feel more at ease by completing an energetic house clearing. 

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